LUNA Art Collective is an international group of five women artists exploring collaboration in cross-cultural perspectives. Forming in 2013 after exhibiting together with a Paris gallery, LUNA Art Collective came into being around the shared idea of transcending place and exploring creative possibilities from diverse viewpoints. 

Leslie Batty’s mixed-media paintings and collage-work consider ideas of feminine identity construction and subject-position in Western culture through the lens of literary genres, such as the fairytale, as well as through metaphors of sewing and dress-making. A native and current resident of Fresno, Leslie has studied language and art in both France and Italy. She has been a member of Corridor 2122 gallery for five years, where she exhibits regularly and maintains her studio practice.


Nicole Brauch


Nicole Brauch’s mixed-media works document structures of memory and language, reconciling autobiographical motifs with various media and assemblage of found objects. Meaning derives from a layering of both visual language and implied narrative. Fluent in German, Nicole has lived and studied art in both Germany and the U.S. state of Washington throughout her life, currently residing in Seattle where she teaches and works from her studio.



Ivana Minafra

Ivana Minafra's oil paintings on canvas represent scenes of ordinary urban life in which she seeks to describe a sense of place and to reveal a hidden beauty in the banality of the every-day. In so doing, the elements of light and perspective play a key role in conveying depth and familiarity with the commonplace surroundings and routine of contemporary life. Born and raised in Italy, Ivana now resides in Bar-le-Duc, France, where she paints and teaches Italian.


Alexandra Rouard


Alexandra Rouard’s drawings, paintings, and collage explore intersections of memory and identity, depicting people she meets, childhood fairy-tales, forests, and scenery in Scotland where, as a child, she often visited her grandmother. A native of France, Alexandra lives and works in Saint-Cloud, a suburb of Paris.



Ananda Kesler


Ananda Kesler’s abstract paintings explore an internal landscape of the subconscious where familiar elements of land and sky are juxtaposed against the incongruous, bizarre abstraction of dreams. Ananda spent her childhood in Israel, where she was born, and studied art and design in the U.S., Italy, Thailand and India. She now lives and paints in the unusual town of Fairfield, Iowa.