Graduate Online Courses From Private and Public Universities

While many students who look to distance learning institutions do so because they are seeking a full degree program, some prospective students simply want to either complete a degree or supplement their skills and knowledge with a few online classes.

This article will present an overview of some of the best places students can find a quality online graduate course.

State University Systems

Students should begin by examining their state’s public university network, as many states have established broad and diverse higher education systems which include advanced research institutions. For example, the State University of New York (SUNY) system has developed a large web of universities, many of which offer distance learning options.

To find a list of public universities at which students may enroll in distance learning classes, contact either a given state’s Department of Education or the offices of the state’s public university system. Be sure to request information on those universities which offer online distance learning options.

Finding an Online Graduate Course at For-Profit Universities

A number of large, for-profit online universities exist, many of which offer dynamic distance learning opportunities through which students may enroll in individual classes. This section details some well-established options.

Capella University, with over 100 advanced degree programs, offers a tremendous amount of Master’s and PhD level courses via a fully asynchronous schedule. Below are its Master’s degree offerings, from which students can enroll in individual classes:

    • MBA – Accounting
    • MBA – Finance
    • MBA – General Business Administration
    • MBA – Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • MBA – Health Care Management
    • MBA – Information Technology Management
    • MBA – Marketing
    • MBA – Project Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Information Technology
    • Leadership
    • Organizational Development
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Enrollment Management
    • Instructional Design for Online Learning
    • K-12 Studies in Education
    • Leadership in Educational Administration
    • Leadership for Higher Education
    • Postsecondary and Adult Education
    • Professional Studies in Education
    • Reading and Literacy
    • Special Education Teaching
    • Training and Performance Improvement
    • Addiction Counseling
    • Counseling Studies
    • Marriage and Family Therapy
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • School Counseling
    • Child and Adolescent Development
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Nurse Educator
    • Nurse Educator Bridge
    • Social and Community Services
    • Public Safety
    • General Public Health
    • Health Management and Policy
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences

Below are Capella University’s PhD degree programs:

      • Accounting
      • General Business
      • Information Technology
      • K-12 Studies in Education
      • Leadership in Educational Administration
      • Leadership for Higher Education
      • Postsecondary and Adult Education
      • Professional Studies in Education
      • Training and Performance Improvement
      • General Counselor Education and Supervision
      • Counseling Studies
      • Clinical Psychology
      • Educational Psychology
      • Agencies
      • Criminal Justice
      • Emergency Management
      • Social and Community Services

Ashford University, based in Clinton, Iowa, has a fully asynchronous academic schedule. Its Master’s degree programs, through which students may enroll in individual classes, include:

      • Education
      • Health Care Administration
      • Organizational Management
      • Teaching and Learning with Technology
      • Business Administration
      • Public Administration

Kaplan University, one of the larger distance learning for-profit institutions, has an academic schedule which balances live classes with an asynchronous schedule. Below are its Master’s degree programs:

      • Business Administration
      • Accounting
      • Management
      • Criminal Justice
      • Teaching (noncertification outside of Iowa)
      • Education
      • Information Technology
      • Legal Studies
      • Nursing

In addition to the above three examples, a number of established online universities exist at which students can find advanced distance learning classes. Among these are Strayer University, University of Phoenix, Walden University, and DeVry University.

Finding an Online Graduate Course at Nonprofit Universities

While fewer nonprofit distance learning universities exist at which students may find dynamic options, Western Governors University (WGU) is a school which stands apart as a dedicated, fully online institution.
WGU is a unique school supported by 19 governors. Known for its competency-based degrees, WGU offers a portfolio of skills which students must attain, rather than the acquisition of credit hours. While this university might not be right for those looking to accumulate credit hours to be applied to an uncompleted degree from another school, it may be a good option for those looking to acquire individual skills or knowledge. Below are some of its Master’s degree programs:

      • Master of Teaching (K-8)
      • Master of Teaching, Mathematics
      • Master of Teaching, Science
      • Master of Teaching, Social Science
      • Master of Special Education (PK-12)
      • Master of Educational Leadership
      • Master of ELL/ESL (PK-12)
      • Master of Science Education (5-9)
      • Master of Science Education (Chemistry, 5-12)
      • Master of Science Education (Physics, 5-12)
      • Master of Science Education (Biological Sciences, 5-12)
      • Master of Science (Geogsciences, 5-12)
      • Master of Instructional Design
      • Master of Learning and Technology
      • Master of Measurement and Evaluation
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
      • M.B.A. Information Technology Management
      • M.B.A. Healthcare Management
      • Master of Information Security and Assurance
      • M.B.A. Information Technology Management
      • Master of Nursing – Education
      • Master of Nursing – Leadership and Management
      • Master of Nursing – Education (RN to MSN option)
      • Master of Nursing – Leadership and Management (RN to MSN option)
      • M.B.A. Healthcare Management

It should be noted that state universities are also typically nonprofit institutions, though they aren’t dedicated solely to distance learning.

Benefits of an Online Graduate Course

For students either looking to complete an unfinished degree or simply interested in attaining additional knowledge, distance learning provides a level of flexibility which cannot be matched by campus-based programs.

Students are encouraged to compare nonprofit, for-profit, and state universities to find the best learning option.

People choose to complete an online accelerated bachelor’s degree for several reasons. Some are just shy of a few university credits and need a degree to improve job prospects. Other people have little or no postsecondary education and want to advance or begin a career.

The secret to choosing an online accelerated degree program is to find a university that is not only accredited but has a good reputation among employers. Call the employment office from an organization that may offer careers of interest to ask opinions about various online universities being considered.

In addition, students should contact the State accreditation organization to check out a potential university offering online study.

U.S. Accelerated Online Degree Programs Recognize Busy Lives

Most students seeking an accelerated education are interested in doing so because of work and family commitments. Part-time studies are ideal with courses taken one or two at a time. Ensure that the online university offers reasonable course scheduling that fits a busy life.

However, there is no question that earning a university degree online and part-time requires a great deal of inner motivation and resolve to complete.

Pace University offers unique accelerated bachelor’s degree programs to adult professionals who have earned at least 64 college credits. Students can choose to progress through the program as time permits or follow the accelerated path to complete a degree in 24 months.

Pace offers bachelor of science degrees in Organizational Communication, Internet Technologies for e-Commerce and Telecommunications.

Seek Range of Online University Accelerated Degree Courses

Park University offers a range of online degree programs, including a BA in Psychology or Sociology. The university also offers a bachelor of science degree in a range of programs from management to social psychology and law enforcement. Park also offers online courses leading to a bachelor of science education degree in Early Childhood Education.

Ashford University offers five and six-week accelerated semesters along with a generous option to transfer up to 99 credit hours into the accelerated bachelor degree program.

Like some other universities, Ashford offers “portfolio credit,” more commonly known as life experience credit, when a working professionals’ experience in a field is recognized at a university level. Online universities that offer life experience credit provide students with a leg-up on the accelerated degree option as students enter the bachelor’s program with credit in hand.

The University of Bridgeport offers an IDEAL program built for people who started a degree and require a few credits to finish. IDEAL, the first accelerated degree program in the State of Connecticut, allows students to choose from evening, weekend or online accelerated courses.

Accelerated university degrees at the bachelor’s level provide many people with opportunities to get jobs and advance careers. The secret is to find an online university that meets a busy working and family schedule and choose an institution that is well-regarded among employers.