University of Texas System’s UT TeleCampus Offers Online Degrees

The University of Texas System – composed of nine universities and six health institutions – has created the UT TeleCampus (UTTC), through which over 5,000 distance learners enroll in courses each semester.
This article will give an overview of the Texas online university system and detail the online degree programs offered.

Benefits of an Online Degree – University of Texas System

Since its launch in 1998, UTTC has provided a flexible, quality distance learning option for both working professionals and students learning on campus who need the added flexibility online classes afford. Below are some of the benefits offered by learning through UTTC:

  • Strong academic supports, including writing labs and tutorial services, which have resulted in 91-95% completion rates
  • Instruction offered by the same university professors and instructors who teach on campus
  • Access to 15 different universities and institutions
  • Asynchronous courses which provide maximum scheduling flexibility
  • Access to online resources, including the UT university library
  • Access to a 24/7 help desk

Courses are offered through different institutions within the UT system, and tuition rates vary depending on where a given class is hosted. The online tuition rates are consistent with those who study on campus.
Students who study online have access to the same financial aid opportunities as campus-based learners, including federal student loans and grants.

Texas Online University Course Structure

Courses offered through UTTC are housed on the Blackboard system, and are fully asynchronous (meaning students may log in and learn whenever they choose rather than be required to attend live sessions).
Online courses follow the standard semester schedule, so students must enroll during normal university enrollment periods leading up to each term. Once enrolled in an online course, students can access all of their learning materials – including syllabi, assignments, digital lectures, electronic readings, and discussion boards – through the Blackboard platform.

Students are able to interact with their classmates and professors via discussion boards, and some courses have live conferences through which students and professor are able to connect in real time. Assignment schedules are set by each professor, and students who learn through UTTC can submit finished work online through the Blackboard system.

Texas Online University Degree Programs

The University of Texas online distance learning system offers over 30 degree and certificate programs, including:

Bachelors Programs

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences – APBT – Legal Studies
  • Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (BMS) Degree Completion Program
  • Bachelor’s Completion Program BAT – Health Services Technology
  • Bachelor’s Completion in Criminology and Criminal Justice


  • Border Studies Certificate (undergraduate)
  • Chess in Education Certificate (undergraduate)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching – Science Education
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (M.F.A.) – Bilingual
  • Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
  • Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Clinician Educator (MSN-NCE)
  • Master’s Degree in Kinesiology
  • M.Ed. Instructional Specialist
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • M.Ed. in Educational Technology
  • M.S. in Human Resource Development

Ph.D. in Nursing

  • Alternative Teacher Certification (graduate)
  • Certificate in Border Administration (graduate)
  • Chess in Education Certificate (graduate)
  • English as Second Language (ESL) Endorsement (graduate)
  • Evidence-based Practice Certificate (graduate)
  • Graduate Certificate: Nursing Education
  • Health Science Technology Teacher Certification (graduate)
  • Master Reading Teacher Certificate (graduate)
  • Master Technology Teacher Certificate (graduate)
  • Early Intervention Certificate for Physical Therapists (graduate)
  • Reading Specialist Certificate (graduate)
  • Superintendent Certification (graduate)
  • Trade & Industrial Education Teacher Certificate (graduate)

Along with the courses which apply to the above degree programs, UTTC provides access to additional undergraduate and graduate online courses, all of which are fully asynchronous.

University of Texas System Institutions

The University of Texas online distance learning system is made up of 15 interconnected institutions of higher learning, and include:

  • UT Arlington
  • UT Austin (University of Texas’ main campus)
  • UT Brownsville
  • UT Dallas
  • UT El Paso
  • UT Pan American
  • UT Permian Basin
  • UT San Antonio
  • UT Tyler
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
  • UT Medical Branch at Galveston
  • UT Health Science Center at Houston
  • UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • UT Health Science Center at Tyler

All of the online degree programs offered through the above institutions have courses which are fully asynchronous.

Texas Online University – A Flexible Learning Option

The University of Texas System’s UTTC provides a flexible distance learning option for professional students and campus-based students who need additional scheduling options. The courses are taught by University of Texas online instructors and professors who also teach on campus, thus giving students access to the same instruction and academic rigor those on campus receive.

With superior academic support services, flexible, asynchronous schedules, and access to rich online resources, the University of Texas online learning platform is a good option for those who need the flexibility of an online education.

For more information regarding UTTC, reference the UT TeleCampus guide to online programs, from which the information for this article was gleaned.